Keep Me Shaded-XX2i France2 Review

Disclaimer: I received XX2i France2 shades to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”

As a active runner, I often encounter the dilemma of finding the right kind of shades to rock on my runs. I have tried several, but to this point I hadn’t found a pair of shades that “checked all the boxes” for me. A few were successful in keeping the sun at bay, but as the mileage started creeping up, I would run into the problem of the lenses fogging up. The are very few things more annoying than having to pause your run, stop your gps watch, and unfog your shades. Another problem was the shades not being quite tight enough and moving around during the run.

Enter XX2i and their brand new France2s. This was my first time trying a XX2i product, so I was excited to give them a try. I had heard good things about them from other runners that had tried one of their products in the past. The shades arrived in a nice hard case, along with a cloth bag and other small goodies. (I keep mine in the hard case at all times, when I am not wearing them). The color I was sent was hyper orange, and while I usually don’t go for bright colors, these were quite snazzy. In addition, the hyper orange will go great with my BibravePro shirt.

You receive 2 different nose guards, but I keep the original white one on. Without hesitation, I threw on the shades and took them out on a sunrise 5 mile run. First thing I noticed was how immediately clear everything got. After about 3 miles in, I completely forgot I was wearing any shades. I finished my 5 miles and not once did the shades fog up or move an inch while I was running. I was pleasantly surprised and extremely pleased. Through several more runs, these shades held up to the warm weather and frigid temperatures.(welcome to NC weather) I got loads of compliments from all my running trainees during our workouts. Outside of just running, I also threw on these bad boys for a quick hike and also while I was just driving around. I coach and play on a coed softball team, and you best believe I will be breaking these out for the sunny games.

I have no complaints about these XX2i France2 shades, and I would highly recommend them.

SAVE 50% on the XX2i website using code: marchbibrave. Don’t hesitate.

Pros:                                                                            Cons:
Stylish                                                                        None
Snug Fit
Don’t Fog up in Heat
Lifetime warranty


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