Incre-dible-Incrediwear Product Review

Disclaimer: I received a Icrediwear socks and tights as part of being a Bibrave Pro. Learn more about becoming a Bibrave Pro(ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!”


I will be honest, I had never heard of Incrediwear prior to The Running Event but any company that makes quality running socks, I am in favor of. As part of our TRE swag bag we received 3 pair of socks and a pair of tights. Before I get started on my review, I just want to say the Incrediwear representatives were exceptional. I had requested size large but received size medium in my bag. When we walked through the running event, I informed them that I received the wrong size and they gave me the right size on the spot. Then even told me to keep the smaller pair.



So how does incrediwear work? To start with, incrediwear does not need compression to work. How so you may ask? Incrediwear uses technology that incorporates semiconductor elements within its fabric, which when it is stimulated by body heat, releases negative ions. Those negative ions activate molecular vibrations that increase blood flow and speed. Increasing circulation helps bring more oxygen and nutrients to the target area, which optimizes the body’s natural healing process and accelerates recovery. A few benefits of increased blood circulation is reduced swelling, reduced fatigue and accelerated recovery.



From the moment I put on the socks, I felt comfort. They kind of gave my feet a big hug but I it didn’t feel like compression at all. I have tried a few other brands of socks and have been quite fawn of one in particular, but I will say the incrediwear socks are as comfy if not more comfortable than my usual brand. I wore the socks on a few runs and the performance was exceptional. My feet were not tired or numb at the end of runs, like they are sometimes with other brands. Not only were they good for running but I also wore a pair to work on casual day and I could really tell the difference. I almost wanted to lose my shoes and walk around the office in my socks, but that wouldn’t be very professional. Lol


What can I say about the tights…they are the most comfortable tights I have ever tried. First off, they are true to size. A lot of tights I tried previously say they were a certain size but just didn’t fit that way. How would they perform in the cold? I took the tights out for a spin on a couple of our 30 degree mornings, and I give them an A. My legs and bottom half were kept comfortable and warm. Some tights you have to wear another garment over to stay comfortable but the incrediwear tights performed well on their own.



While at The Running Event, I was fortunate enough to meet one of Incrediwear’s ambassadors, Manteo Mitchell. Who is he? If you recall back to 2012 London Olympics, you might remember a athlete running the 4x400m relay that broke his leg in the middle of the race but still finished. Well, that was Manteo. He explained to us that after that occurred, he was connected to Incrediwear brand by chance. He credits incrediwear for helping him recovery from this inquiry and he has been loyal ever since. It was cool to meet an Olympian and even get a pic. I later found out that Manteo is actually from my home state.


Don’t walk, run and try incrediwear products. I can vouch for the socks and tights, and I am sure the rest of their products are just as good. Experience the compression alternative with Incrediwear.

Hooray for Vooray-Ace backpack Product Review8

Disclaimer: I received a Vooray backpack as part of being a Bibrave Pro. Learn more about becoming a Bibrave Pro(ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!”


If you have read my previous posts you know that I attended The Running Event (TRE) in Austin, TX at the end of November and that we received swag bags as part of the event. What better way to start my product reviews of the swag bag than with the base of the swag bag itself…Vooray. All our swag was put inside a Vooray backback, so I figured that would be a good place to start.



Vooray is a fairly new company, so many of you may not have heard of it….YET. It was established in 2015 out of what they saw as a lack in affordable options in fitness fashion without breaking the bank. First thing you will notice when you visit their site is not one item is over $100. That’s right, every single item they offer is under $100. They also offer free shipping on all U.S. orders and all orders leave their warehouse within 48 hours. If that it’s enough, they have a 100% happiness guarantee. That means if you are unhappy for any reason with your purchase, they will make it right with no questions asked.



The backpack we received is the ACE Backpack, in Black Nylon. The bag as a listing price of $39.99, but trust me you get a lot for that small price.


·     Water Bottle Pockets: you shouldn’t go anywhere with your hydration and the ACE backpack makes sure you have a good spot to carry it.

·     Large Front Pocket: front pocket was large enough to fit a total of 5 small boxed products of swag, so that gives you a good idea of how roomy it is.

·     15’ Padded Laptop Pocket: That’s right, the ACE backpack has a pocket large enough to carry your 15’in laptop, just in case you needed to do some work at the gym

·     Padded Shoulder Straps: the shoulder straps are padded so none of that annoying digging into your shoulder when you have it on.



So how did I use my backpack??? To carry race essentials of course. I had a marathon a couple weeks ago and the Ace backpack fit the bill. Just to name a few items I carried: slides for post-race, several hats, headphones, gloves, honey stinger waffles, Huma gels, throwaway shirt and couple bottles of Gatorade. Everything fit nicely with plenty of room to spare.



Ok people, this is a no-brainer. If you are in the market for a nice fashionable bag for fitness, yoga, etc, you have to check out Vooray. I guarantee you will find something you like and you will still have extra money left for Christmas presents.


Visit, you will thank me later.

The Running Event-TRE Influencer’s Day

Disclaimer: I received entry to The Running Event as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”

My previous post was about my weekend, as a whole, in Austin Texas but I wanted to do a post that talked about The Running Event(TRE) specifically. This day was so special, it even got its own title “TRE Influencers Day”. This was the first year anyone outside of product & brand representatives were allowed to attend TRE, and Bibrave Pros were honored to be the trailblazers.

The Bibrave Pros were required to meet at 8:15-8:28(depending on who you ask J ), and we would be on a very strict schedule. Upon meeting we were split into 2 different groups of 10 so that we wouldn’t all be overwhelming the same booths as the same time. After splitting up, we snapped a quick pic before heading into the “running land of awesomeness”. 

First up was the product brand Arcanum. I admit I had never heard of the company, but they utilize activated hemp to assist in performance and recovery. I know what you might be thinking, but it is clinically tested and you won’t test positive if you took a drug test. J I know the saying goes, “save the best for last”, but I feel like the representative for Arcanum was probably the best of the day. She was not only extremely knowledgeable about the products, but she was able to convey all the benefits without it feeling like she was selling. She also demonstrated one of the products, The Quill, before thoroughly answering all our questions. Stay tuned for future blog when I review the Arcanum products we were given.

Next brand up was Handful. Handful makes sports bras and clothing for the ladies, so nothing for the fellas to test out. The owner was on-hand but apparently lost her voice at some point, so her best friend was doing the talking for her. It was amazing to hear about how she just could never find the right bra, and within a few weeks had already created her first prototype. The lady Pros all had great things to say about the clothing, a lot of them were even wearing them. Bibrave co-founder, Jessica gave a testimonial that Handful bras are the only type of bra she wears now. The owner was even nice enough to demonstrate their newest product, “Flippin Awesome Scoop Tank”. It is a reversible top that can show scoop in front or show off your back. We were told a great story about how Handful began work with The Scar Project, collection of breast cancer survivors showing off their scars and how Handful bras how helped women’s self esteem.

We visited the booth for Vuori clothing next. This was another brand that I had not previously heard about. Vuori means mountain and the representative explained how the brand was born on the west coast in California. The began as men clothing line but has since began making women’s clothing as well. The shorts and pants feel AMAZING, and I can’t wait to post my view about the shorts we received in our bag.

The bags that all I swag was in, was a Vooray bag so we were all excited to visit their booth. Vooray makes high quality bags at not so high prices. Matter of fact, the rep informed us that every one of their bags are under $100. If you feel the quality of their bags, I guarantee you wouldn’t believe it was under $100. Bags were made to hold everything from yoga gear to laptops. They showed us some new bags that due to debut in the Spring and some of the Pros even gave input of some things they thought would help enhance their bags even more, like reflective material. Still fairly new but we were informed that Vooray products are starting to be sold everywhere. I was even surprised to hear that a couple stores in my city would be carrying them soon. Before we left, the rep gave everyone Vooray hip pouches.

Our trip to the Addaday booth was nothing short of relaxing. Although addaday is known for making exercising and massaging equipment, the representative unveiled that they are now making runners tea. Their tea packages contain whole tea leaves and each package can make up to 5 cups of tea. They had several stations set up to try some of their message tools, as well as some tea on hand for us to try. The tea was very good and the stations were trouble. Once you sat down and the massagers started working, you did not want to get up. We probably went over our time a couple a minutes because Pros were enjoying the massages too much.

Who doesn’t love Nuun!!!? Nuun is all I take on my runs during training season and it has yet to disappoint. Of course the Nuun booth had tons of samples available for us to try. Their newest product was Nuun Immunity which you can drink cold or HOT. Who knew? The representative let us in on a secret about Nuun, if the Nuun has a color top, that means caffeine has been added. Good information to know since I typically prefer the caffeine added options on my long runs. Before leaving the rep made sure to have us load up our pockets with some single tablet samples they had on-hand. Definitely didn’t have to twist anyone’s arm to do that.

Another new product brand was Incrediwear, which makes anti-inflammatory recovery products. We were given several pairs of socks, as well as tights in our bag. Incrediwear had Olympian Manteo Mitchell on-hand to talk about his experience with the product. If you don’t know who Manteo is, he is the game that broke his leg in the middle of the 4x400m relay during the London 2012 Olympics. He said the products helped his recovery time after that injury and he is a proud spokesperson for them now. He was kind enough to take pictures with everyone who wanted one, as long as they promised they would post them on Instagram. I mean, how many times do you get a chance to meet an Olympian?

If you are a runner, there is a good chance you have heard about CEP products. CEP products are all equipped with graduated compression technology, so the compression decreases as it goes up. We were given recovery socks and compressions in our bag. The representative told us about some exciting new products and new colors in the works. He also told us about how he gets tired of correcting people when they see the “L” on the sleeves, because they think it means left. The “L” stands for large folks. J

Altra was next, and I can honestly say these representatives were probably the most passionate about their product out of everyone. I personally had never owned a pair of Altra before so I was excited when we were given a pair of the Escalante 1.5 in our bag. I wore them for the first time during our group run early Friday morning before coming to The Running Event. The representatives explained that all Altra shoes how a low to zero drop and also the toe box is made wider than other running shoes. I idea behind the wider toe box, is that if your toes are wider, you have increase stability.  They went through most of the different shoes in their line-up and demonstrated how each differed from the other. We were also given sneak peak of some of the limited edition Altra coming in 2019. They do a limited edition shoe for each of the world majors, and had the Tokyo shoe from 2018 to show us. Looking forward to more test runs in these.

I won’t deny it, Brooks has been my favorite running shoe for years so I was extremely happy when we received a pair of Brooks Ghost 11 in our swag bag. I had been eyeing these shoes but never pulled the trigger to purchase any. Brooks probably had the largest booth setup of any other brand we visited, with a wall displaying all their different models. The representative let us in of the new technology that is being used in Brooks shoes called DNA technology. When the foot strikes the road, the energy transfer back into the feet instead of the opposite, so it provides you will some bounce back for each foot strike. I bought a pair of Leviate 2 earlier in the year so I was familiar with it, and you can def tell the difference when you are running.

In all TRE Influencers Day was nothing short of spectacular. Not only being the first mortals allowed into The Running Event, but to be able to hear straight from the brands and ask questions helped to make the experience unique. Not having to deal with large crowds that you typically find during race expos, made for more intimate question/answer sessions with the brands. Since majority of the brands weren’t selling products, a lot of the brands would give away stuff to us. Free is always good. TRE was an amazing experience and you wouldn’t have to twist my arm to return in 2019.

Terrific TRE (The Running Event)-PS Austin,TX I ❤️ You

Disclaimer: I received entry to The Running Event as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”

I don’t know where to begin. After being 1 of 20 Pros chosen to attend this year’s The Running Event (TRE) in Austin, TX I was beside myself. We were notified over a month ago so that left 30 days to anticipate the trip. It felt like forever before finally trip week arrived. After packing all things orange, I was ready to fly out to Austin. I was lucky enough to get a direct flight from RDU to AUS, took off 9am EST and was touching down in Austin around 12 CT. I got off my flight and was walking to the airport, within 5 minutes I was being tapped on the shoulder. I turned to see 2 other Bibrave Pros decked out in their orange. After introductions we nabbed an Uber to head towards our hotel. We were all thinking we would have to leave our bags before heading to lunch but surprisingly enough, the Hilton already had our rooms ready. Huge relief to be able to put our bags in our rooms and sit for a minute before heading out.

LUNCH w/ Pro Family
While in route to the hotel we get messaged that another group of Pros were heading to a place called Moonshine that was down the street. All the pros ended up meeting there so everyone was able to meet each other, a lot of them for the first time. I knew a few Pros from a meet in greet after Chicago Marathon in 2016 but I hadn’t met the majority of the pros in person.  We laughed, took pictures, enjoyed some good food and chatted about the upcoming weekend. I had a pork belly sandwich that was AMAZING.

After lunch we had a few hours before we were supposed to meet up for our first event, so half of us decided to do a small walking tour. We walked down to one of the Austin signs and took some pictures. After that we headed to the Drischell Hotel to check out their lobby and large Christmas tree. I think the Drischell is the oldest hotel in Austin. On our walk back we had to make a stop at the famous Voodoo Donuts. I am not huge on sweets but my fellow pros got some interesting ones, the most interesting was the vegan $4.00 donut called “Cock and Balls”.(yes, it is what you are thinking)

Our first official meeting was set to kickoff at 5:30. This would be where we would finally get to see everyone AND we would receive our “swag bag” for TRE. Everyone was excited to see what would be in them. In addition to receiving our bags, 4 of our Pros were chose to do a 3 mile run using the Zwift app which allows you to run will anyone across the globe on a treadmill. This event was pre-planned so there were hundreds of people running at the same time and you could see them on screen or your phone. After cheering on our pros, we were given our swag bags and THEY DID NOT DISAPPOINT. I will be reviewing each item received in our bag in the coming weeks but to name a few; we got shoes from Brooks and Altra, compression from CEP, compressions from Icrediwear, Nuun, hooded jacket from Brooks and Zwift pod to name a few. After more pictures and mingling, we headed to our rooms to put up our stuff before heading to dinner. We also learned we had been invited to party being thrown by Brooks later in the evening.

You can’t go to Austin and not at least try the bbq, right? We had dinner at Iron Works BBQ, which was a few blocks away from the hotel. Since I had pork belly for lunch and went with the brisket for dinner. The food once again was amazing, and we all just enjoyed each other’s company. We learned about each other’s families and where everyone was located. We basically closed down the joint, before packing up and starting the trek to the Brooks party.

We were one of the first to arrive at Cedar Creek Courtyard, and the venue was very nice. We hit up the bar and everyone was looking at us because we were all in our Bibrave Orange, it’s like we were an orange gang. As we were all talking, our community director walks up to me and motions for me to look behind her. Behind her walked in, no other than the 2018 Boston Marathon winner, Desi Linden. We all know she is a Brooks athletic but had no idea she would be there. We were all snapping pictures as she stood at the bar. We she turned to walk out, I had to do it. I asked if she would take a pic and she happily did. She was really nice. After that, everyone came over and asked for pictures…And you know what, she took a picture with every single person that asked. That’s how you would hope all your elite athletes are in person, humble and nice. A cover band took the stage and begin to play music, ranging from Bruno Mars to lots of 80s rock and roll. By this time it was packed with people and so was the dancefloor. The highlight of the evening, after meeting Desi, had to be when the DJ played the Wobble when the band was taking a break. I started it and before you know it, I had the whole dancefloor doing it. Who knew Austin could “wobble”. J  We had a scheduled group run at 6:30am the next morning so I left the party around 12:15am and headed back to the hotel. Some people stayed until after 1am, bless them. Lol

Everyone managed to pull themselves together enough to make it downstairs to meet for the run. There were a lot of red eyes but everyone was happy. We took a few group pictures before heading out into downtown Austin. We had our on photographer, so he was riding around on a scooter getting action shots as we ran around. We ran to the capitol building where we again took some group photos, including an infamous jumping photo. After photos we ran back to hotel for a quick breakfast from Panera and heading up to shower. We had about a 45 minute window before we had to meet at The Running Event for our tour.

The Running Event was in the convention center and it pretty much took over the whole place. They split us up into 2 groups before we headed out to visit. We were to visit the booth of each of the brands that had products in our swag bag. It was great hearing more about some of our favorite brands AND learning about some new brands we had not previously heard about. A few of the booths that stood out were Arcanum, Handful. Incrediwear and Altra. The spokesperson for Arcanum was exceptional, she provided a lot of detail without over selling it. Arcanum makes a product that makes use of activated hemp. Handful makes workout bras and tights for women(so I didn’t get any of their product) but the owner was entertaining. Amazing how she had an idea and without a couple weeks had her first prototype for the bra. All the ladies in the group said they loved the product. Incrediwear makes compression socks, sleeves, and tights. They had Olympian Manteo Mitchell in their booth telling us about how the product help him rebound from injury. If you don’t know Manteo, he was on the USA Olympic 4 x 400 team in the London 2012 games. He broke his leg on the first leg of the race but still finished. Finally Altra spokespersons were all passionate about their shoes. They showed us all the upcoming shoes and special edition shoes in the making. We actually ran out of time talking to them, so you know the conversation was a good one.
After we finished our required tour, we were free to walk around to all the other booths and see the products. We were on a time crunch since it was starting to shutdown but still managed to see a few booths. Learned out a brand Untapped, which use pure maple syrup to create energy waffles and gels. They product was REALLY tasty. Also learned about a new company called Muir who makes a kind of food paste instead of the usually gels runners used. We were able to try several of their products and they were exceptional. Since it was more of an expo, majority of the products were not for sale but some people were still able to score some products for FREE. Someone got a free bra from Handful, another was able to get a free duffle bag mailed to her from Vooray and one guy got a whole outfit(shorts and shirt) from a brand called UGlow.

Graffiti Park
In between the expo and before dinner a few of us decided we wanted to go sightseeing on the scooters. I had never rode one of the scooters and figured I wanted do it back home so I joined them. The scooters are so much fun and really inexpensive. A thirty minute ride ended up only being about $5, you just had to be careful not to take out the pedestrians walking on the sidewalks. Lol. We had heard about this place called Graffiti Park that we wanted to find. It was everything we were told. It is basically a huge park that graffiti artist can come and paint their art. We walked around and took pictures before climbing to the top where you could see the whole Austin skyline. Breathtaking view. Hopped on our scooters and headed back to hotels to change before dinner.

A few pros flew out after the expo but still a good amount remained. A good amount were flying out on Saturday(including myself) so we decided to try to do one last dinner with everyone.  We made reservations at the House of the Rising Tuki-San. I had a Mongolian beef that was AMAZING. Outside we said our goodbyes since everyone’s flights were leaving at different times and even a few people were staying until Sunday.

My flight was at 7am on Saturday morning, so I scheduled an uber for 4:45am. Before I could even get to sleep, I had to figure out how I was going to fit all the stuff from the swag bag into my carryon suitcase. I had to Tetris it up, and loose the shoe boxes but in the end I made it all fit. The uber was on time an I was at the airport by 5:15am. I worried about getting through TSA because some of the products we got were over the 3oz limit, but I guess I was lucky. I wasn’t stopped and they didn’t pull my bag…WIN. Later in the day I heard from a few different pros that said their bags were pulled and some even said their Nuun tubes were all swabbed, but eventually they were able to get through with no future delays. The flight took off on time and I was in the friendly skies headed to NC, back to reality.

TRE was simply an amazing weekend, and I couldn’t have asked to spend it with a better group of people. The Pros are all from different areas of the world but you would have thought we had known each other for years because when we might it was like seeing a friend you hadn’t seen in a long time. Everyone got along and genuinely enjoyed hanging out with each other. The laughs were endless, and a lot of the pictures were epic. I can’t think BIBRAVE enough for allowing me to participate in such a epic event. Maybe I will be back to TRE in 2019. 😉