Marathon Training Day 113

Temps in the 60s for this morning’s run. I did a rather hilly route as my longer runs are slowly coming to an end, as I continue to taper. Averaged  a decent pace of 9’38”. I also received my participants manual for the Chicago Marathon yesterday. Things just got real!


Marathon Training Day 107

{Track Work 3 miles} Downpour this morning but track work was still calling. A little rain never hurt anyone, besides rain won’t stop the race on raceday. 3 miles, alternating between 7’05” & 8’05” pace every 200m. Ironically, the rain stopped as soon as I was done. I felt like it was a test of my dedication, would I let the rain stop me… Answered with a resounding ” Hell to the nah”. Happy Hump Day. 🏃☔️ 💪👊