Channel Your Inner Superhero-BUFF UV Arm Sleeves Review

“Disclaimer: I received an BUFF UV arm sleeves to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”

I have only become accustomed to BUFF brand this year, but after trying out 3 different BUFFs, I have quickly become a fan. The opportunity presented itself to try out their newest product, UV BUFF arm sleeves, there was no way I would pass up the opportunity. I was anxious to see if the lovely people at BUFF could replicate the success they have had with the original product, and take on the arm sleeve area. The color I received was black, with what is called an Interference pattern.

Although I was excited to try out the new sleeves, I had to wait a few days because weather in NC was in the high 80s. After a couple of 80 degree days, I stumbled upon a low 70s morning and decided to give the sleeves their first run. I knew it will still get warm in the sleeves once I got going so I decided to dip the sleeves in cold water before I put them on and headed out. That might have been the best idea ever. Not only did this help keep me cool, but once the wind started to blow, I got a nice refreshing chill that would go over your body. As far as the functionality, the sleeves fit snug and there was absolutely no slippage over my 8 mile run. They provided superb compression and circulation, and there was no soreness post-run.

Through the next few runs, I repeatedly got satisfactory results from the UV arm sleeves. They performed well during the warm weather, but where they really shined was on those mornings when there was a nice “bite” in the air. They provide just the right amount of warmth, without overheating you and causing mass sweating. The inside of the top of each sleeves have small rubber balls that help the sleeves stick to your upper arm, thus keeping them from slipping down during activity. Some of my friends that are also testing, have complained that they experienced some chaffing but I didn’t have to deal with any of that. If you fear the possibility, you can just rub on some body glide and you will be fine.

I have tried a couple different arm sleeves and I have to put the UV BUFF arm sleeves in my top 2. The other brand that is rated high is Zensah, but BUFF designs and colors give them the edge. Not only assist with the circulation and recover after your activity, but they are also very stylish. I get the feeling like I’m batman when I wear mine.

If you in the market for some arm sleeves or just wanting to try them out for the first time, I would definitely recommend the new UV BUFF arm sleeves. They are snug, and come in a few different colors/designs. The only small issue I have with arm sleeves in general, is that I wear a Garmin with HR monitor built in so the watch has to be in contact with your wrist. With the arm sleeves this causes a small issue. I just pulled back the sleeve enough to put on my watch. I look forward to seeing lots of runners rocking the BUFF UV arm sleeves in the future.