Ghosted…the only acceptable way-Brooks Ghost 14 Review

“Disclaimer: I received a pair of Brooks Ghost 14s as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review, find and write race reviews!”

To say I was just a little bit hype when I learned I would be product testing the new Brooks 14s, would be an understatement. I have run in Brooks for a number of years, with the Ghost model being my favorite. Brooks has been really good over the years at evolving their technology, which has kept their customers running happy. Let’s take a closer look at the new Ghost 14s and some of it’s highlights.

Carbon Neutral
The Ghost 14 are Brooks first carbon neutral running shoe. You may ask what does that mean, will that means this technology is assisting Brooks in achieving a zero carbon emissions by year 2040, which will aid in a healthier planet. Brooks to a major step in converting materials used in their shoes to goods that were recycled. I don’t know about you but we got to make taking care of Earth a major objective, after all we only get one. Any company that is doing their part to protect our Earth, deserves to be supported.

DNA Loft Cushion Technology
The dna loft cushion makes sure you have a soft ride and your feet stay happy. Brooks DNA Loft is made up of: EVA foam, rubber, and air. If you have been wearing Brooks as long as I have you might wonder how the DNA loft stacks up with some of Brooks’ previous technologies, like: DNA Amp, Flash and BioMoGo. Lets take a look at a quick comparison:

  • DNA AMP has the highest energy return, offering a super springy ride that propels you through your run.
  • BioMoGo DNA hits the sweet spot between softness and responsiveness: it’s not as soft as DNA LOFT, but feels softer than DNA AMP.
  • DNA FLASH is our lightweight cushioning, built for speed. Soft but not quite as plush as DNA LOFT, you’ll find DNA FLASH only in our fastest racing and training shoes. DNA FLASH technology is also infused with nitrogen.

Test Drive
The most important thing is how well they feel during workouts/runs, because everything else goes out the window. I took these Ghosts out for a few runs that ranged from 3 miles, up to 10 and they did NOT disappoint. The softness of the cushion was real and I didn’t find that my feet were tired after the runs, even if they had just been pounding the pavement for up-teen miles. They fit snug to my feet, while a nice bouncy tread. Bottomline, if my feet are happy, I AM HAPPY.

If you are a Brooks shoe fan, even if you aren’t a usual Brooks wearer, you will not be disappointed in this shoe. Snug fit, light and they come in an array of colors for both men and women. Added benefit….your feet will look great in those post training run shoe pics.