What’s in the BOX!!!???-5K Crate Product Review

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I am always excited to test new products, and this time is no different. This time around, I am venturing into the world of runner/fitness subscription boxes.  Enter 5K Crate.

I have heard of other boxes like Stridebox and RunnerCrate, but hadn’t heard of 5K Crate before. Truth be told, I tried Stridebox in the past and I really wasn’t impressed. Their boxes were often just filled of a bunch of samples. I was anxious to see if 5K Crate was any different.

5K Crate is a quarterly subscription box that curates PREMIUM apparel and accessories for runners of all types and fitness levels.  Each box is carefully hand curated to include 5-6 items that you will use over and over again.  They strive not to be just another box full of snacks and gels.  Some of their past collaborators included: Mission Athleticwear, Zensah, Epic Wipes, Knuckle Lights and more.

After reading what 5K Crate was all about, I could hardly wait to see what type of goodies I would get in my box. I white box arrived and I immediately popped it open to see an array of goodies. The first 2 things I noticed were: 1. A handwritten note to me from 5K Crate & 2. A card that listed everything included in the box, along with each item’s retail price. Here is what I received:
Mission VaporActive Alpha Running Shirt- $35.95
Mission VaporActive Cooling Towel- $19.99
Spigen Wireless Bluetooth Headphones- $45.00
Zensah No-Show Compression Socks- $19.99
(2) Epic Full-Size Body Wipes- $2.50 each
(3) La Fresh Travel Sunscreen Samples- $1.00 each
Total of almost $130.00 worth of goods

Who wouldn’t be eager to tryout all these great things, so I set out to test as many items as possible. My overall review will be geared towards the 5K Crate box itself, not each individual item. I will simply be looking at the items on a “quality” level in relation to 5K Crate’s statement of only offering premium items.

First up was the Mission running shirt. I am always in the market for good, quality running shirts so I didn’t wait long to break up the packaging on this shirt. I am currently in the middle of marathon training for the Chicago Marathon, and the 21 mile training run was looming. What better way to break in the Mission shirt, then to wear it during this run. First thing I noticed when I slipped it on, the shirt felt a little heavier than most of my other running shirts. This is not a negative; it made the shirt feel more high quality. Through the 21 miles, the shirt got its share of sweat but it never got overly weighed down and I remained cool throughout; Great Shirt.

The only Zensah products I have had previously was a pair of arm sleeves, so I was excited to get to try a some of their socks.  I slipped on the socks for one of my track workout days. The socks were very comfortable, and almost had a compression quality to them. I only wish they weren’t white, I prefer my socks to be anything but white in color.

These things are HUGE. I have never seen a body wipe this big before. These are great for after long runs, they are big enough to take care of your every sweaty part. These would also be good for any emergency incidents that might occur during a run.

I tried these on and they seemed to work pretty well. These are a very good value item to find in the box, but I probably won’t be using these much. The headphones are not ideal for running (I am more of Aftershokz or Bose guy), but these will make a very nice gift for someone in my family that is not as active.

I found the quality of the items received in the box were of amazing value. Yes, it is a little more expensive than the typical subscription box but what you receive is so much more. Currently, you can receive a 5K Crate quarterly for price of $59.99, but items included outweigh this price. My box, for example, was valued more than double that $59 price tag. I would definitely recommend 5K Crate to any runner, fitness freak, or just any everyday individual that care about their health and are looking  for nice products. Give 5K Crate a try, I am sure you won’t stop at just one box.

Are you ready to receive your first box? Use the link below, and I even think they are currently taking $5 off your first box.


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