Marathon Training Day 3

Finally a morning where it isn’t hot and humid!! It was 63 degrees when I headed out, which is almost perfect. Today’s training called for some speed work on a track, so I headed over to Buffalo Road athletic park. After a 15 minute drive, I arrived back at my roots. I started off as a sprinter in my earlier days before transitioning to a distance runner. It felt great to be back on the track. My workout: 

800m / (2x) 400m / (4x) 200m / (2x) 400m / 800m, with 90 second recovery between each interval

Marathon Training Day 2

Today called for 3-7 easy paced miles. Another hot and humid morning, so I decided to take it to NC Museum of the Arts. They are still doing construction there so it affected my plan route. I ran down past Meredith on Ridge and finished on the uphill of lake Boone before circling back on blue ridge road. Miles: 5.15 Pace: 9’23”

(6/4) Race 13.1 Raleigh

Got talked into doing this race by my friend and running partner. I knew we were going to have issues when I woke you at 5 am and it was already 72 degrees. This was not a pretty race! I started off pretty good but quickly realized the 3 Hs(heat, humidity and hills) were going to be a problem. I pulled my pace back about a minute, to be safe. I’ve run the trail the race used plenty of times and it was hilly. In addition it was an out and back, for which I am not a fan. I heard of at least 3 people passing out during the race. Shoutout to all the volunteers on the course that did their best to keep the runners cool and hydrated. Finished in time on 2:08. Glad this one it’s over.