Attaboy Addaday-Addaday Pro Roller Product Review

Disclaimer: I received a AddaDay Pro Massage Roller as part of being a Bibrave Pro. Learn more about becoming a Bibrave Pro(ambassador), and check out to review, find, and write race reviews!”


If you are a runner or any fitness enthusiaist, you know you can never have too many items to help your body feel better after a nice work. To say I was happy when I saw the AddaDay Pro massage roller in a swag bag for TRE, would be an understatement. AddaDay products all have a distinct color combination so that you know it is one of their products.



·     The Pro roller is a whopping 21in long so it can cover a good amount of your body per roll.

·     Patented Design that offers both soft and medium density Skin Surface Technology (SST)

·     The design can offer the user a massage that feels either firmer or softer

·     Pinpoint Precision Gear: this can targer hard to reach areas such as forearm, achillies and shin



I have past experience with my calves crampingso I was especially interested to see how the Pro Roller would handle them. After my marathon, I could feel the cramp coming on so I immediately grabbed my Addaday roller and started rolling. I felt instant relief as the precision gear knew just what area to hit. I avoided a cramp episode, and it felt so good that I rolled everything. The AddaDay Pro Roller will fit in most bags so you can easily make it a part of your race weekend must-haves.



You know Addaday for its massage tools but as we learned at The Running Event, they are throwing their hat into another ring. They now have a Addaday Runner’s tea product. We were lucky enough to be one of the first ones to see the product and taste it. I don’t drink a lot of tea but this tea was very good. What is special about the addaday tea is it’s delivered to you as whole leaves, not crushed or cut like you find with most green tea packs. Each package of tea can make up to 4 cups of tea or one whole pot. That means you can reuse your tea leaves up to 4 times. The tea comes in a stylish tin, with 10 5oz packets for a price of $25.00.



Addaday has been around for a while with a good reputation, and I am not going to say anything that opposes that. My Addaday pro roller was good quality and did it’s job and more. Do not hesitate to pick up a Addaday roller, your body will thank you. Don’t forget to also try the new runner’s tea from Addaday as well.


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