Athlinks-Runner’s stats at your fingertips

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Let’s talk Athlinks! Never heard of it? Well you are in luck because I am about to school you to game. I was introduced to Athlinks about 2 years ago but one of my Instagram friends. She advised me to go sign up and guaranteed I would love it, and she wasn’t wrong. Athlinks takes the headache out of having to record/remember so many things, on top of some other cool features I love. Let’s explore shall we…

Race Results

You ever find yourself wondering, “I wonder what my time was when I ran my first 5k”? Athlinks has got you covered. Athlinks saves the results of EVERY race you have ever run, so you can go into your profile and scroll through to find that time you were seeking. Athlinks doesn’t automatically save results to your profile, but what it does is save those results in their database. Once you login to your profile, you will be notified that you have “unclaimed” results. You simply have to scroll through the unclaimed results that Athlinks believe are yours(I have yet to have them pull results that weren’t mine) and “confirm” them. Once you have confirmed the results, they are saved into your profile for you to view whenever you want. Not only does it pull your time, but it also tells you were you placed in numerous categories for the event. So instead of having to go back to the race website to research past results, you can pull up your Athlinks profile and quickly see that you were top 10 men in your age group for XYZ Half Marathon.


Let’s face it, it just isn’t as fun if you can’t bring your friends along. So another great feature is your ability to find and follow all your running friends. After doing a quick search, you can find and follow your buddy. Your friend will be notified via email that they have a new follower, and will be able to return that follow with a click of a button. I love the ability to go in and check to see how my friends did on a race that you knew they had been training so hard for.

Respect the Rivalry
It may not be as intense as UNC/Dook or Michigan/Ohio State, but all of us have a competitive bone. It may be a small bone but deep down sometimes we just want to see how we match up with some of our friends. Thanks to Athlinks, you get to experience that with the “Rivals” feature. When you are following fellow runners and you happen to run the same race, they become your rivals. Athlinks has a separate “rivals” tab that you can go to and see how you stacked up against your friends in the same race. Athlinks lists your rivals and underneath them it shows your record against them in races. So if you and Cami ran the same race 2 times and both times you had a better result, it would show (2-0). This has got to be my 2nd favorite feature behind the lifetime statistics features. Periodically I go into my rivals tab to see how I am holding up. I have one friend I’ve never beaten, I’m 0-13. He always finishes in the top 10 overall in every race he does, so I don’t have high hopes of getting that elusive “1” on my side. Lol

Upcoming Races

Feature #3, Athlinks allows you to look up all your upcoming races. If you already know your race calendar, you can search and pull up those races in Athlinks. Not only that, but you can add yourself to the “starting line” of that race so when your friends view your profile they can see what races you are already signed up for. This also allows you to see if any of your friends are signed up for the same race, because it will show your friends pictures below the race and label it “Also running”.

Lifetime Statistics

This feature is my favorite. Athlinks keeps all your PRs for all distances in one separate area, so you can visit this tab and not only see your fastest half marathon or marathons, but it also lists other non-traditional distances like; your fastest 4 miles, 8k and mile. Along with the time it shows you what race you accomplished this PR, as well as the date of that race.

That’s it! Everything you could possible need, is at your fingertips with Athlinks. So what are you waiting for, if you haven’t signed up…DO IT NOW at

Lastly, I am always looking for new rivals so feel free to follow me at:


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