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I consider myself a techie when it comes to running, so when I was provided the opportunity by Bibrave to test out a new running app called RunGo, I jumped at the chance. How is the app different to the rest of the many running apps out there?? Lets find out.

Global Running Routes

-RunGo has a library of over 80,000 running routes worldwide

-over 200 new routes are added daily

-verified and curated routes built by RunGo and certified local run groups

With the worldwide routes, you are almost guaranteed to be able to find a scenic place to run, whenever you are traveling. Great thing about RunGo is a lot of the presaved routes, call out monuments and key places of interest along the run.

Run Analytics

Like other running apps, RunGo also tracks all your essential stats: time, pace, splits, distance and elevation. You have the ability to set your audio cues to give you your mile splits, among other things.

Create Your Own Route

Ever ran a nice route and wanted to share it with your running friends? Thanks to RunGo, you can do just that. After you finish a run, you are giving the option to save your run & publish the route publicly. If you publish it, any runner in the area will be able to pull up the route and run it.. Pretty simple and helpful. The next time you try to tell a friend about a route, you can simply just send the route  to them through the app. I personally saved about 5 of my routine routes of various distances.

Works Offline

Once you have created your route, you can download it so that it is available offline. You are able to explore new cities without the need of an expensive data package.

Voice Navigation(Turn-by-Turn)

I know you have heard of Google Maps and Waze, well consider RunGo app as the running version of these apps. Yes, RunGo gives you audio turn-by-turn navigation during your run. It was so easy and helpful as I was running to hear the app announce “in 300 feet, turn right”.


The user interface of RunGo app is friendly. You can easily see your gps signal strength, adjust the audio volume, access routes, create a route, run, and logbook. The logbook is where all your pervious runs are saved and can be accessed.


For the most part I love most of the features being offered by RunGo app. I really like the turn-by-turn navigation, as well as the preloaded routes found worldwide. The ability to publish your own routes is a huge plus for any runner that likes to share their routes with running friends. The only hiccup I have is with the “auto-pause” feature. When on, the app should pause whenever you stop running, then re-start once you are back running. I noticed that when I stop, it takes a decent amount of time before the app stops. If you are a runner that really cares about your pace, this hesitation can cause your pace/splits to be off a great deal. I care a lot about my splits during training, so wasn’t overjoyed about looking at my splits and they were a full minute slower than what my Garmin was showing. That minor hiccup won’t stop me from continuing to enjoy this app and recommending it to friends.

Go here to download:

You can watch RunGo in action here:

See what some of my the bibrave pros had to say about RunGo App:







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