Heat and Humidity Run Training-Be Aware and Prepare

Training in the southern states is never boring. As I continue to train for upcoming Rock n Roll Philly, followed by Chicago Marathon, each morning run can bring you lots of surprises. I typically get up around 5am to get my runs out of the way before I go to work. My spring and summer morning runs have 90% of the time welcomed me with temperatures in the mid 70s, with humidity measuring as high as 99%. It is July now and I haven’t experienced a morning that had a humidity percentage less than about 90%. The high of humidity makes your body work extra hard to try and keep cool, and I typically have a good sweat going before I’m a mile into the run. When I do my track workouts, I typically do those after work. The weather I am dealing with in the evening hours is usually 90s temps but the humidity is a little lower(70-80%). It comes to the point you have to just pick your poison, as it is nearly impossible to avoid the heat and the humidity. (well, I guess you can go the treadmill route BUT I personally avoid the dreadmill at all costs).
There is no question that training during these temperatures will make you very well prepared for your fall races. Hot training makes you even faster when it comes to running your races in cooler weather. The question is how do you remain cool and motivated to stay committed to your training plans, even when sun/humidity is making a strong case to stay indoors? I often think of that famous quote “No one ever said it would be easy, but it will be worth it”. That says it all, training in the heat SUCKS but it will all be worth it when you blaze through your Fall races. So what are some of the things you can do to stay cool and stay motivated? It all starts with hydration! HYDRATE HYDRATE, then HYDRATE some more. I drink water all day everyday(actually all I drink most days). Being hydrated will help you fight through those training runs. Being dehydrated is no fun, trust me, I’ve been there once before. Another little trick I do is, I stick small ice packs in my hydration pak that I wear. You will be amazed at how much cooler you stay with a little ice pack on the inside of your hydration pack that rest on your back. The ice pack will actually serve double duty, it will keep you cool and also keep the water in your pak cooler for a longer period of time. Another helpful hint, if you own a BUFF, dip it in water before throwing it on and heading out on your run. I wouldn’t go on any runs over 3 miles without water during this time of year. Feel free to substitute Nuun or something other performance drink, your body could use the electrolytes.
That’s all for now, stay tuned for future posts as I continue my training for Philly and Chicago and for product reviews.


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