Ride the Wave, Observe the Sky-Mizuno Wave Sky Review

<img src=’https://www.findyourinfluence.com/trackrun.aspx?tcode=MTgyNTktV2F2ZVNreS02OTU5LUMtMQ&#8217; style=’padding:0px;margin:0px;’ />

All you Mizuno brand lovers listen up, I am here with a review of the new Mizuno Wave Sky running shoes.

I received a blue and lime color, not as loud of a color as I usually purchase but these were professional looking. This color seems to say, you are all about your running business. Once passed the color the next thing I notice is the tread. This is the 2nd pair of Mizunos I’ve owned and one of the things I admired is the tread on their shoes. The formation is arranged in such a way that they don’t tend to wear down as fast as some other brands I have ran in.

I immediately notice upon slipping them on that they seemed to run a bit big. I also own a pair of Mizuno Wave Rider 20 that fit true to size, but the Wave Sky seem to have a little more room in my size 11. Not a huge deal as I can just wear a slightly thicker sock, but I felt it needed to be pointed out. Even with a little more toe room, these shoes were still very comfortable.

The men’s shoe is about 11.2 oz. Kind of more on the heavier side, but you really can’t tell the difference once you get moving.

The shoes appear to be made from high-end materials and feel well put together. I did some bending of them, as well as runs, and all threads remained in place. Another feature I admire about Mizuno running shoes, is the quality of their shoe laces. I know it may sound simple, but good shoe laces increase the overall comfort of the shoe. They are threaded well enough that you don’t have to worry about them fraying over time.

I started out with a low mileage run of 3 miles. I wore thin socks, so the extra toe room was a small issue but not overly uncomfortable. The shoes responded well on surface impact and, upon checking my splits, I was actually moving faster than I thought. This speaks to the weight of the shoe.

I turned up the mileage slightly on this run to 5 miles. This also allowed me to test them in slightly different conditions as it was hotter and the road was still wet from the day before’s rain. With a slightly thicker sock, the shoes responded perfectly. There was no ill effect from hot temperature or the wet surfaces.  I experienced feet sweating in some other brands during hot temps, but these Wave Sky handled the conditions like a champ.

For my final run, I ramped it up to 8 miles in preparation for a half marathon I was training for. Eight miles were not a problem at all and I didn’t experience any soreness in my feet afterwards.

Whether you are already a Mizuno loyalists or thinking about giving them a try, you won’t be disappointed in the new Mizuno WaveSky. Although they are listed a slackly higher weight than comparable shoes, the weight is not something that you can easily detect once you are pounding the payment. The shoes provide the right kind of durability and comfort that will leave your feet happy.


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