Stay Visible-UV Reflective Half BUFF® Review

Disclaimer: I received a UV Reflective Half BUFF to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!”

I will admit I am probably one of the last runners to try one of the BUFF® products, so when the opportunity presented itself to test out the new UV BUFF, I jumped at the chance. In past races, when i wore items on my head it was typically some sort of Bondi Band.

First thing I noticed was that, true to its name, the Half BUFF® is exactly half the size of the regular one. The helpful thing that is included with the product is a small display that shows you the different ways you can wear your UV BUFF®. The thing you will immediately notices for the display diagram is, guys are at a disadvantage. The ladies appear to have more options in the way you can wear your UV BUFF®.

The different options of wear didn’t bother me much, as I only tend to wear it 1 of 2 ways anyway. Let’s get to the actually performance of the product. My style of choice was to use the UV BUFF® as a headband. I did several runs of varying distances, the furthest being 18 miles, so I made sure to put it through varies sweat level testing. During all my runs, the UV BUFF® successfully prevented any sweat from running down my face or reaching my eyes.(Sweat in the eyes is the worst) In addition to preventing the sweat from taking over, the reflective attributes on the BUFF® were a great addition. I do a good number of my runs in the evenings, so anything that assists cars in seeing you better is a plus.

The final test was the “smell” test. The UV BUFF® is advertised as odor-protected, so its not supposed to smell like you just ran 18 miles, even though you do. I removed my sweat soaked BUFF® and reluctantly took a deep sniff…..I smelt ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Just to make sure my sense of smell didn’t fail me, I asked my significant other to take a smell. After getting the “are you crazy” look, she gave it a smell. She agreed that she couldn’t smell any “funk” either. This is one thing the bondi band can’t offer because i definitely have to throw it in the washing machine pretty much after every run.

In closing, I would recommend the UV Reflective Half BUFF® to your running gear wardrobe. It keeps the sweat out, and the reflective attributes are a great safe feature. In addition, you don’t have to worry about an odor post-run and there are several different options for the way you can wear your BUFF®.

Pros:                                                      Reflective                                                      


Great sweat protection

color options


Cons:                                                               Less options for men style of wear(unless long hair)

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