Reindeer Dash For Cash 10 Miler 

Reindeer Dash For Cash is my last scheduled run for 2016, so might as well go out with a bang. This was my first time doing this 10-miler but I had heard good things and it is for a great cause. It was an afternoon run so things didn’t kick off till 1pm. We started off and I found myself in the head pack. I knew that wouldn’t last, so I just settled in to my pace and carried on. The head pack broke away so I was pretty much running alone ahead of the main group of runners. Around mile 6 a couple of runners caught up to me and passed. I kept with my pace and around mile 8 I started to see runners ahead. Through all the hills of the final 2 miles, I managed to catch 3 of the runners and finish with a time of 1:16:23. Good enough for 28th overall and 2nd in my age group. Great way to end the racing season, another PR. 

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