Jingle Bell 5k Recap-Trifecta Complete

Jingle Bell 5k. πŸ”” Last 5k of the year and my final attempt to complete the PR trifecta. I have already smashed PRs in half are full marathon this year, so the 5k is the lone holdout. Previous PR, 23:11… Today’s race 22:03. Trifecta complete πŸ…πŸ…πŸ…. 

I made up in my mind that I would give it all I had for this race, even though I have a 10-miler tomorrow. Temp at the start was around 39, so it gave me a chance to break out my arm warmers. The start of the race was downhill and got out to a good start. Unfortunately there was a young kid positioned at the front at the start, I think he may have tripped and down he went. I saw at least 2 guys trample him, but both turned around and checked on him. The race was an out and back, and served like it was him after him… Up and down. I clocked my first mile at 7:03, well ahead of my needed pace. We hit the turnaround and headed back, knowing the finish would be uphill. You could tell some of the runners were starting to slow, but I kept my pace. About a hundred years from the finish I see a familiar face, guy we lovely call Dr D. He is a beast and had already finished his race, but always comes back and supports people he knows. He snapped a picture of me and then I could hear him yelling behind “push it, catch the guy in front of you”. I realized the he was actually running behind me. I caught the one guy and I hear him say, catch another. At the end I caught 4 people in the last 100 yards and shattered my PR by over a minute. It has been a great 2016. 


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