Marathon Training Day 105

Staying on your training plan while being away for the weekend is never easy, but you must do what you have to in order to stay on track. Today the plan called for 16 miles, and I honestly had mentally prepared myself to have to run around this neighborhood about 4 to 5 times to get up to that number. I decided I would stretch the run out as far as I could, going down every street in the development in hopes that it would give me decent mileage. I started out and immediately came to the conclusion that not a lot of people run through this development because I was getting looks. Although they seemed puzzled, most were still pleasant and would wave as they walked their dogs. Before too long the sun showed its face and things heated up tremendously. I would get a little breeze from time to time that was appreciated. By the time i made it back to the house on my first round, I looked at my watch and was pleasantly surprised to see 7.20 miles. I knew i could stretch the run out even more the 2nd time and hopefully would be able to finish with 16 after only 2 rounds. I ran down ever street, every dead end and at the end of the 2nd trip around, I was at 16.05 miles. Thank goodness. I was not even concerned about my pace for this run, I just wanted to make sure i got the mileage.. Mission Accomplished.

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