Run Holden Beach Half Marathon Review

It was a relatively small race, so the expo was pretty much nonexistent. You simply came in a picked up your bib and shirt. Let me start by saying this race is 95% flat, which most runners love. It starts with a run across about 1 mile bridge that provides the only access to the beachfront, you circle back and head back over the bridge before heading out on straight route down the shoreline. This is an “out and back” course, which I typically don’t like, but the first half of the race was smooth. It is in the 2nd half of the race that the issues begin to surface. First of all, this race is in September so it is hot and I don’t feel there were enough water stations along the route. Many runners were complaining about the distance between water stations, when the temp were in the 80s and the runners heading straight into the sun. Not only was there issues with the # of stations, the stations basically only had water and some extremely sweet liquid. I am guessing it was Gatorade, maybe, that was not mixed up correctly. Secondly, and this is huge, the traffic control was pretty much nonexistent. They closed off the bridge for 30 minutes at the beginning of the race but after that point cars were allowed to drive in both directions through the road that all the runners were on. A lot of cars were not moving over so I heard many tales of runners coming within inches of being hit by some car’s side mirror. The race is USATF certified, so it amazed me that the traffic control was so poor. I will say once you finisher, they do have some nice medals, also known as BAM(big a$$ medals). They were kind of plain, but very heavy and magnetic. The series has 4 races so if you run them all, your medals connect together to form one large one. My final thought is, it is a flat race that you have the ability to PR in but if the weather is going to be hot, bring your own hydration belt/pak. More importantly, be prepared to dodge cars. #halfmarathon #running

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