Marathon Training Day 84

I tried out a new route today that I mapped out yesterday. I decided to do my long run on the streets this morning just to try something new. I hit the streets around 5:15am, no need for headlamp since all the streets have streetlights but I still had on my reflective light. I kind of liked it actually, little to no traffic on the streets and the sun wasn’t up to cause the extra heat. Four miles into my run, here come the hills. i encountered at least 4 big hills in a 2.5 miles radius. Not regular hills, they were all gradually inclining hills. I ran past a random guy standing on the sidewalk at 6am, not sure what that was about but I didn’t acknowledge him. Hit my midway point started down a parallel running street. At mile 11 i reached one of my go-to spots, Shelly Lake, so i took a trip around it for the scenery. Shelly Lake is about 2.25 around so I was sitting on mile 13 as I exited the lake and headed back on the streets. By mile 15 i was back to my original starting place, but I knew i had another 3 miles to go so I kept running towards my usually monday run spot, Lake Lynn. Huge hill leading up towards the lake, and my legs couldn’t take it so I started to walk for the first time. After 2 minute walk, i was back to running before I hit a slight downhill and entered into the Lake trail. Lake Lynn is about 2.15 around. By this time, its after 8am so there are several people out walking around the lake. Finished the trek around the lake and exited on mile 17. Got a little extra pep in my step at this point because i knew I only had a mile left. At this point i could literally wring out my shorts of water. Finished up my last mile at a steady pace. After the run, I went straight to breakfast because i was starving. It is very important to refuel after your run. Happy Sunday Runday.


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