Marathon Training Day 63

Survival. After last week’s issues on my long run, I decided to change things up a little. For one, I wanted to get started earlier so I was shoes to the payment by 5:30am this morning. My other change is I substituted my cola with Gatorade this morning. In addition to my hydration Pak, I added a small palm bottle filled with Nunn. It was my first time giving Nunn a try, so I was curious to see how my body would react. Starting out it was actually still dark, and I didn’t think to bring my headlamp.  Needless to say I was running blind for a good deal of my first 3 miles, thankfully there were no issues outside of running through a couple areas of mud due to rain. About 4 miles in, I gave myself the first squirt of my Nunn and I immediately felt a small boost of energy. Throughout the run I alternated between Nunn and water each mile. Ran into my first issue around mile 6 when I ran up to a blocked off bridge. I wasn’t expecting that and honestly thought about jumping the gate because I started having to double back, but decided against it. There is no telling what danger lay ahead. So I unwillingly turned back to try and find a way around. Luckily I had done some run groups nearby so I knew where another entrance to the trail was located. Low and behold when I got to the alternate entrance….. It was closed off too. At this point I’m getting frustrated. My last resort was to cross a 4 lane highway and hope to find another entry point. Lucky for me 3 was a charm and I found another entry point. I reached my 8 mile turnaround point and headed back. I was happy to see a few people out on the trail on my trip back because there was No One when I started out. For my last 3 miles I decided to switch to the Galloway method just to see if I saw a difference in pace. Low and behold my pace on the mile 16 was the fastest of any of the previous 15. I may have to reconsider the Galloway method. Finished with 16.07 miles logged.  #running #fitness #training

16 miles in the palm of my hand

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