Marathon Training Day 61

I knew 3 days of miles temps and humidity was too much to hope for. I work up to 75 degrees and 95% humidity. As luck would have it, today was a tempo run(definitely not idle in humid conditions) of 5 miles. Not only was it humid but I picked a route with more hills than I would have liked. Regardless I was going to do my best to hit that target pace. I started strong clicking a first mile at 7’47”, which is under my target slightly. Once the hills kicked in on mile 2, they didn’t stop till mile 4. Trying to power through hills with what feels like hot wet pillows on your back, is not fun. I could feel my pace drop on the hills but I tried to make up for it on the flat surfaces. Stoplight and intersections were my friend, as it gave me a minute to deal with the heat as I waited for crosswalk signal. At the end I was afraid to look at my watch because I  thought I may be way of pace, but I was pleasantly surprised. To match my tempo, my 5 miles should have been at a pace of 8’05”.. My pace was 8’07”. I am good with those 2 seconds, especially dealing with the heat. #running #fitness #marathon

just missed target by 2 seconds

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