Marathon Training Day 60

2 straight days of cooler temperatures, I sure hope mother nature is not playing some evil game only for temperature to jump back up to the 100s this weekend. Well it looks like my what mileage is increasing as today’s workout called for 7-9 miles. I decided to try another route, not knowing how many miles it would be but sure it would be at least 7. I could really tell a huge difference in the lower temp and low humidity, the run didn’t seem as strenuous and my pace seemed to get better. Part of the route contained some road without sidewalk so being cautious of people driving was key. I survived and at runs end had clocked 9.7 miles. Over the 9 but I’ll take it. Pace stated 9’33” but I’m sure it was faster since part of the run was trails& trees so my gps wasn’t picking up clearly. 

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