Marathon Training Day 55

I had to do double duty today. Not only did I have my own workout to do, but I also had to put on my cliff builders protein bar hat and go hand out some free samples of their protein bars. I got up at 6am and headed to a spot I knew a running group would be meeting to go out for Saturday morning run. I got there a little early but saw another smaller group of runners, so I went over and passed out bars. The larger group finally arrived and they were more than happy to take free protein bars. I took a picture before heading out to do my own run. I finished 3.5 miles at a pace of 9’30”, before heading to a local running store that was doing an event for Brooks running shoes. They were doing contests, so after I cleared it with the manager, I passed out free bars to all the runners attending. After all that I barely put a dent in all the free samples I have. Guess I’ll be doing double duty a few more times. #runners #training #marathon 

runners at Brooks event

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