Marathon Training Day 36

Today was supposed to be a recovery run from yesterday’s 10 miles, but didn’t quite work that way. If you have been following my posts, I wrote about a popsicle relay I did a couple weekends ago. The Boston marathoner on our team calls me and wanted to run with me this morning. I immediately got nervous because I knew there was no way I could keep up with her. She is new to area and wanted to try some different running locations. She is recovering from a calf injury, and promised not to run me into the ground. We met at lake Lynn and set out to do 2 laps around. It was another humid morning. She talked the whole time, which didn’t bother me since I’m usually listening to music anyway. When it was all days and done, we had completed 4.09 miles @ 9’31” pace. (I know we had to be moving faster than that, I think my GPS wasn’t registering well due to trees and clouds. I believe the pace was more like 9’00”)

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