Marathon Training Day 35

As promised I went back to find the greenway entry point I couldn’t locate yesterday. I parked in bond park and headed out on this venture. This time I find the entry point about 2 miles into my run, and was excited to see where the greenway would lead. The greenway was beautiful and I saw lots of rabbits, but my excitement soon turned to disappointment. About a mile into the greenway I come to an exit point on a rural street. Luckily there was a map I could look at. After checking the map, it appears that there was another entry point about a half mile up the rural street. So off I went, only to end up in a church’s parking lot. Apparently the entry point to the greenway is UNFINISHED. I can only imagine what those churchgoers were thinking seeing this random guy running through their parking lot. I circled the lot and headed back to where I exited. I remembered several points I passed on the greenway, so I headed back towards them since I was only 3 miles in to my run and had a lot more to go. I found the first one and exited out. This time when I reached the entrance the sign pointed both ways, so I picked “right”. I recognized the road I was on and immediately knew I was headed into downtown Cary. Soon enough I saw the signs welcoming me to downtown. The road was intended to be a trail run but quickly turned into a street run, as I ran through the streets of downtown Cary. I don’t realize Cary was so hilly but, I certainly began to feel it and my watch confirmed it after I was done and checked my stats. Finished the run with 10 miles in the books at a pace of 9’31”. Thank goodness I was done before the temp started to hit the 80s. #peacesignmovement #running #health #training

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