Marathon Training Day 34

I decided to be a little lazy this morning and slept in a little longer than usual. I’m usually up and out before 7, but it was closer to 10 before I headed out. I immediately realized why I don’t run later…… it’s freaking hot! Lol. Temp was 85 degrees with about 80% humidity, it was torture. I decided to try to find a trail I had seen while driving. I headed over to Bond Park in hopes of hitting some of the connecting trails. Trails were beautiful and somewhat hilly. I chose the black River trail in hopes of running that into the Cary greenway. 2.5 miles into this hotbox of a run and I still hadn’t seen the entrance point to the greenway, so I turned around and headed back. No use to playing around in that heat any longer than needed. I finished out the run with 4.5 miles @ 9’37” pace. Not bad for the heat of day. Funny thing is I drove back by the route I just finished and saw the entry point to the greenway about another quarter of mile down from where I turned around. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Oh well maybe I’ll head back for my long run tomorrow and try again. #fitness #health

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