Marathon Training Day 31

Stop me if you heard this one before, this morning was hot and humid. It was a tad better than yesterday though, yesterday heat  index was 108 and today only 105. Nevertheless it was track Wednesday so no complaints or of me. I have begun to see more people on track day walking the track. I will say that are always nice about walking the outside lanes and leaving the inside lanes for me to do my workout. The last thing you want is having to run around folks on the track. Today’s workout consisted of 800 repeats at various speeds. Another good workout in the books. #running #fitness #health

800m – 7’44”

800m- 8’01”

800m- 7’40”

400m- 6’49”

800m- 8’03”

200m- 7’20”

200m- 6’45”

800m- 7’48”

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