Marathon Training Day 30

Apologies on posting so late but it’s been a very long day. I feel like it’s not a normal day if I don’t start of saying how humid it was. 75 degrees at 6 am with 95% humidity. Today’s workout called for 5-7 miles so I decided to try a new route. I knew it would be at least 5. I headed out and right from the beginning the humidity was brutal, which is but good especially when you forget your hydra Pak(don’t di that). It was almost unbearable and u found myself looking forward to the small breaks I was getting at each stoplight. I made a decision after about 3 miles in, to pull my pace back about 30 seconds to be safe. At the end I had done 7.25 miles @ 10’05 pace, and was completely drenched in sweat. Got home and went straight to my foam roller.  #fitness #health #running

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