Marathon Training Day 28

Happy Sunday Runday! Waking up to 95% humidity is never a good thing when you know you have a long run on deck. Nevertheless the show must go on. I headed to American Tobacco Trail. It’s not a very exciting destination but it is relatively flat and good for long runs. Humidity was so high, I decided pushing it wouldn’t be smart so I just set my mind to keep my pace under 10′ if possible. I started out and immediately began to feel the effects of the humidity, sweating before I reached mile 1. By mile 2 I knew this run would be miserable. Came across several other cyclists, walkers, and runners getting in their exercise. I finished the workout and immediately removed my shirt, because it was drenched. Total miles 10.15 @ 9’51” pace. Now off to rest and relaxation.  #running #fitness #sundayrunday

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