Marathon Training Day 27

Happy Saturday! A gloomy morning turned out to be a great one. I walked out the door and was welcomed with the presence of humidity. I guess I should be getting used to it by now but I still can’t stand it. Decided to head down to the museum and get in around 4 miles. It was a cloudy morning and I observed a rainbow during the run. I was able to snap a pic when I got back to my car. Total miles 4.15 @ 9’21” pace. 

But my running day wasn’t over. A friend of mine told me about a kickoff happening at a local run store. Saucony was launching their new popsicle colored shoes and was sponsoring a popsicle mile. Neither one of us knew exactly what this was but we figured how bad could a mile be. They gave  us some demo saucony to run in and split us up into 4 teams of 4. We really didn’t know anyone else so of course me and my friend were on a team, and were given 2 more people. 1 guy was with a group of 6 so we got him by default. After introductions we learned the rules of the race. Similar to a beer run , each person had to eat a 2-stick popsicle and then run a mile. When you return you tag the next person and they do the same thing. The guy said he knew he would take a long time to eat his popsicle, so we let him go first, followed by my friend, then me and a lady said she would anchor since she seemed to have to fastest mile. Race started and the guy got thru his pop faster than expected, and was out on his run in second place. We they returned he had dropped to 3rd place. My friend was up next and she was able to get into second because she finished her pop faster and was able to hold on to second place as she tagged me. I had no idea how I would do after already running 4 miles but I figured I would just let it ride. I got through my pop still in 2nd and set out to try to reel in the lady from the other team currently leading. I could see her after about a quarter mile in and steadily started gaining. I pulled back a little once I knew I was in striking distance, and decided to try and make my move after the turnaround. I kept gaining and gaining, finally with about quarter mile left, I turned on the burners. I blew passed her and came in to tag our anchor after putting us in first. She just had to hold the lead, and she did. We won first place and each for gift cards. I didn’t start my watch but my teammates said my mile time was in the mid 5 minute range. The win became even sweeter when we were told the 2nd place team actually had 2 Boston Marathon runners on it. Great way to start my Saturday. 

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