Marathon Training Day 20

I usually try to be out the door by 7 am, at the latest but this missing I decided I needed a little extra sleep. I got up and out around 10am, and headed towards one of my favorite weekend running spots… Lake Johnson. Parking is always an issue when getting there that late in the missing but I got lucky. A lady was getting in her car just as I was coming in. Lake Johnson is about 3 miles around and had some challenging hills. There were lots of people walking their dogs, fishing and jogging. I went around one and then some. Finished about 4 miles at 9’13″pace. Now off to get my car inspected. 

5 thoughts on “Marathon Training Day 20

      1. In Bergen. It also a full marathon, but I won’t run that far. I also train a lot of strength, so a full marathon are a bit to much cardio for me, but much respect for doing it!

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