Marathon Training Day 16

I got some good sleep for a change last night, and woke up ready to go. Decided I would stay and run in the neighborhood. As I was outside prepping to take off, my next door neighbor emerged. My neighbor, Bobby, is pretty much a running legend in the area and used to be sponsored by Reebok. He wins pretty much ever race he enters. He asked if I was going out for a run because he was too. “Sorry Bobby, I’m not going to kill myself trying to keep up with you this morning”. Lol. Today’s workout called for 3-7 miles. I started off and by mile 3 I realized I had run each mile faster than the previous, negative splits. At that point I challenged myself to see if I could finish the remainder of my run with negative splits. When I was done, I accomplished my mission. 6.6 miles 9’13″pace , all with negative splits. It was a good day. #fitness #running #marathontraining

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