Marathon Training Day 9

So I had been reading a few things about the Galloway method of running, and I had become curious. Not only curious but I was very skeptical that this method would actually be efficient. I made the decision that I would give it a try on this morning’s run. If you aren’t familiar with the method, you run 4 minutes and walk 1 minute. The premise is you will be stronger and feel less tired at the end of your race. 

The workout called for 3-7 easy miles, so I decided I wanted my pace to be somewhere between 9’30” and 9’45”. Could the Galloway method come through?? I ended up doing 6.18 miles with the following splits: 10’02″/9’10″/9’31″/9’25″/9’43″/10’17”. Average pace 9’45”. It really worked, and I admit I felt less tired after I finished. I may test it out in a half marathon, my fear is my body will become accustomed to looking for that 1 minute break. #running #fitness

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