Marathon Training Day 7

I’m starting to sound like a broken record… woke up to another hot and humid morning. Today’s without called for 6-8 miles at relative easy pace. I finally decided to break out my hydration pak, and headed to a nearby entry point for crabtree creek greenway.  Before I started, I made the decision to let my body dictate my pace. After yesterday’s extremely hot and humid 5k, I didn’t want to try and overdue it 2 days in a row in that heat. I began and my body quickly decided that my pace would remain in the 10’15” range. Keep each mile around this pace until my last mile, where I opened up a little more and ran it at a pace of 9’14”. It might of been my body’s way of saying “hurry up and get us out of this heat”. I could easily ring out the sweat from my shorts and shirt after I was done. Finished with 8.25 miles at a avg pace of 10’02”. #fitness #runner 

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